Padgett Air Dermatome Model A Nitrogen with hose


The Alternative Source Medical Have Question? Contact me at or 847.419.0123 Padgett Air Dermatome Model A Nitrogen with hose Please inquire if you would like more pictures or information. Please view pictures - wha ...  More

New 6L Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Tank for storage animal tissues, Cryogenic container


6L Yetanguan 6L Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Tank This liquid nitrogen tank usually used for storage tank which could store tissues such as sperm and embryo. And we usually put this tank still for storage. Application: To preserve animal a ...  More

NEW Premier Medical Nitrospray Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer Device 16oz


Nitrospray PlusTrigger Operated, Closed System, Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgical Unit Improved SealEliminates o-ring positioning.(Pressure seal ring retrofit kit 1006066 to eliminate o-ring on units prior to RP-11061 and LP-10952 is n ...  More

Brand New Brymill Cry-Ac 3 10 oz 300 ML Liquid Nitrogen Storage System B800


Brymill is the world's leading manufacturer of handheld, liquid nitrogen cryosurgery devices used to treat a wide range of common skin lesions. The No.1 choice of dermatologists, Brymill offers unsurpassed safety, versatility, and ...  More

Qty 3 Zimmer InflatoMatic 3000 Nitrogen & Compressed Gas Regulators DG*


DG 260 Cornerstone Alliance Navigators receives 51% of the proceeds from your purchase, details below. ITEM DESCRIPTION This listing is for 3 Zimmer InflatorMatic 3000 Low Pressur Nitrogen powered regulators and 1 Scientific Produ ...  More

Union Carbide Cryogenics Products Liquid Nitrogen Tank UC-4, 4 liters, No Lid


All items are sold as is without warranty unless specifically stated in the posting. This does not mean that the unit doesnt work, only that we have not tested or checked it out. This may also mean that we are not knowledgeable in ...  More

Brymill Cry-Ac3 10oz/300ml Liquid Nitrogen(LN2) Sprayer


NEW ! Brymill Cry-Ac3 / Cryac 3 B800 10oz/300ml Liquid Nitrogen(LN2) Sprayer




NEW Premier Medical Nitrospray Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer Device 10oz